New Website - Online Fair – Furniture design

We have done it! This is our first blog post on our new Gloval Home website. Although it is really important, website updates and social media postings seem to always disappear to the background when the selling season begins and now it is actually more important than ever to have a proper online presence. Our brand is relatively young (2019) but we have an enormous amount of experience in our team and we also have been doing other product categories for the home (accessories, functional storage and illumination) so we are extra happy now that we can add the furniture of Gloval Home to our range.

We have been taking part in the Online Canton Fair these last few weeks. It started April 15 and it ended last week. After being used to organize an actual booth, present your items and receive your customers, online fairs took some getting used to but this is already the 3rd online edition so we had some experience already. Preparing the products online, organizing live video sessions with customers – it’s actually always a surprise who shows up and what they want to see/ ask. The biggest issue is the fact that customers cannot touch, lift up and sit on the products, which is still an issue we are trying to resolve. We already made a upholstery swatch kit for our customers, which we can send to them to feel the materials and see the actual color. The other 2 requests we are still working on.

We are now entering the ordering season where we will process all the requests we have gotten via the fairs and our website. Soon it will be new collection time again and I can’t wait to see what the new trends are, what new materials we can choose from and how we can add nice and commercial items to our AWC2223 collection. This is always an exciting season and especially now since the demand is rising again we would like to present a whole new collection. Please stay tuned!